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19 September 2009 @ 12:57 pm
Life, the Universe and being Internetless for three weeks!  
Ok, so big changes have been happening! I've moved out, I'm living in Chelmsford now, much closer to civilisation and I started my job two weeks ago. It's pretty intense but I'm really enjoying it.  There's not alot I can say cos of confidentiality, but I've been in and around London wearing my hard hat and hi-vis jacket. I'm happy, I really am.  I could talk about this all day, but I don't want to be boring! Anywho, I am currently internetless, but that shall end on Thursday and I shall be more then happy for this to end and make my life significantly easier. It has been kind of nice in a way, but maybe in small doses! And I also owe Stubbs a cookie :P

Someone asked me the other day what were my top five most beautiful songs ever. And here it is!

1. Such Great Heights - Iron and Wine. It's just so beautiful and the slowed-down-ness from The Postal Service's version I think works alot better. I only discovered this song recently and I love it.
2. Two More Years - Bloc Party. This is beautiful because it reminds me of the moment at Glastonbury when I didn't think they were going to play this and then when they did, it's like the whole World melted away. It was magical. I already loved this song, but at that moment it became beautiful.
3. Generator - The Holloways. This is an... odd choice I'm told, because it's not generically beautiful, but it makes me so happy and bouncy when I hear it and there's a beauty in that. In fact I have never come accross a time when I've heard that song and not had the urge to dance like a crazy where ever I happen to be!
4. Don't Look Back into the Sun - The Libertines. What's not to like. I don't really know why I think it's beautiful but I do.
5. I couldn't chose between the two and since the reasoning is fairly similar, I decided to allow myself both! And they are I Still Remember - Bloc Party and also Run - Snow Patrol (Radio 1 Live Lounge Version). Both songs I consider to be beautiful but also make me feel sad.  But anything that can afftect my emotions in that way I consider to be beautiful. But that may just be me!

Oh, and a little bit of the oldskool here, but quote of the week

Anon : He is going soft in his old age, maybe we can give him a pill to make him hard!
(i was sitting at my desk trying not to laugh at the inuendo... i managed to hold the laugh in until i left the office)

So, I guess it's time to leave, return to my internetless existence! Unless i pay to use the net on monday/tuesday... well, we'll see!
Buh Bye!